Team logistics

ORCHIDEE team meetings

The ORCHIDEE project group has defined a series of regular meetings to achieve the objectives of the project group and to maintain a regular flow of information between the core “ORCHIDEE project group” and the ensemble of developers and users (non-permanent scientists and engineers). The idea is to have regular meetings each week and to alternate between:

    • Technical meetings: Restricted to the steering committee and few other active developers. These concern management of the code, scientific and technical discussions concerning the implementation of the ORCHIDEE project decisions, and follow-ups of engineering work.
    • Project meetings: Restricted to the steering committee. The main objectives are general decision making and coordination of the model developement.
    • Developer/user meeting: Open to all. The main objectives are: 1) to inform all developers/users of the code about the ongoing ORCHIDEE developments and branch integration into the main version, and 2) to present and discuss a specific ongoing development (scientific or technical).

Management of the code:

In order to increase the efficiency of the code maintenance, development and management, we have grouped the different modules and routines by processes/technical aspects, following the diagram below. For each process or technical aspect, one person from the steering committee is responsible for managing all technical and scientific problems/bugs that arise (usually managed through a “ticket” system) and to report to the steering committee about the evolution of that part of the code.

How to contact us ?

Three mailing lists are used in order to facilitate the flow of information at different levels.

    • ORCHIDEE projet ( This list is restricted to the steering committee. It may be used by external people for a general request about the ORCHIDEE project
    • ORCHIDEE DEV ( To facilitate the exchange of technical information among all users/developers of the ORCHIDEE model, in paticular to circulate information on new technical improvements/developments, to report problems/bugs and to notify about ‘commits’ made by the ORCHIDEE team. You can subscribe at
    • ORCHIDEE HELP ( For developers or users of the ORCHIDEE model to ask specific questions (mainly technical) linked to the use of the model or to report problems/bugs. This mailing list should be used only as a last resort.