Ongoing Projects

Accepted / Running projects
Project nameProject leaderDurationObjective (with respect of ORCHIDEE)
VERIFYP. Peylin2018-2021Simulate C-balance of EU ecosystems
ESM-SnowMIPG. Krinner2016-Evaluate snow parameterizations, quantify role of snow in climate feedbacks
M-TRAITA. Valade2018-2020Role of traits plasticity for response of trees to droughts
TOSCA-SWOTC. Ottlé2016-2020Role of Lakes in climate modeling and use of satellite data to improve their representation
ESA-HRLCC. Ottlé/P. Peylin2018-2021Use HR Land Cover data to improve energy and water cycles parametrisations
I-GEMA. Ducharne, with also F. Cheruy2015-2019Add the influence of groundwater on soil moisture and the surface fluxes
C-CASCADESP. Ciais for ORCHIDEE2015-2019Represent lateral fluxes of DOC from high latitude
ASSESSB. Guenet2018-2021Estimate the erosion cost over the meediteranenan bassin
CLIMAXN Viovy20017-2020Interaction between vegetation and atmosphere in tropical region
PREVIPOLN Viovy20017-2020Predicting risk of pollen allergy over France
ECOFLUOY. Goulas (LMD)2017-2019Fluorescence measurements and assimilation
IMBALANCEPP.CiaisPhosphorus cycling
TOSCA / BIOMASSPhilippe Peylin2018 (renewable)Use of forest biomass satellite data (BIOMASS futur mission) to improve ORCHIDEE;